Lincoln might be rolling out a new version of its Navigator SUV soon, but Cadillac is using an old lure to catch new buyers and reel them into an Escalade instead.

The brand is offering $5,000 off of a new Escalade for any buyers trading in a Lincoln made since 1999. That's according to a memo obtained by Bloomberg which was subsequently confirmed by GM.

Lincoln hasn't redesigned the Navigator since 2006. But with a new Expedition brother comes a new Lincoln version. The Escalade was last redesigned in early 2014, but that could make it look old against the brand new Lincoln.

GM spokesperson Jim Cain told Bloomberg that "[it's] a way for Lincoln customers to step up into something more meaningfully luxurious." Those are shots fired if we've ever heard them.

Look for Ford to fire back with a salvo from Lincoln. Ford CFO Bob Shanks said earlier this year that "the profit pool is enormous for these large, body-on-frame SUVs. Right now, General Motors gets a disproportionate share of that. We can do better."

The extra $5,000 applies to purchases or leases, and buyers still qualify for other offers. So if you're driving a Lincoln, and thinking about a big SUV, this could be your time. And if you're already looking at an Escalade, you might want to grab a cheap Lincoln first.