With the reveal of the Cadillac XT6, we're already waiting to see the next new or refreshed car in the brand's lineup. Now, thanks to a leak from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it looks like that next one might be a facelift for the XT5.

Strangely, while the XT6 departed completely from the look of some of Cadillac's current offerings, the new XT5 looks like a return to form. This looks like a pretty subtle refresh. The boomerang headlights stay, and the grille becomes much more like the XT4's mesh pattern. Expect it to continue Cadillac's Luxury and Sport grades, with the former getting bright chrome and the latter replacing that brightwork with black accents.

The headlight shape looks the same, but zoom in and it seems to have more to it. Like a new LED lighting element replacing the old round projector. Similarly, the taillights look to have a new LED design that gives the look more depth. In another blink and you'll miss it, the lower front grille looks to have grown slightly.

We didn't see inside, but expect some similarly small updates like the XT6's steering wheel and infotainment controls. The XT5 is also said to get a new 2.0L turbo four with 237 hp and a nine-speed auto.