GM released its sustainability report this week and in it, Cadillac's electric ambitions are outlined. Among the revelations is the confirmation that Cadillac's hand-built ultimate luxury EV, the Celestiq will be produced at the snail's pace of just 1.2 per day.

The report also revealed that Cadillac will be making more than just the Celestiq and the lyric. Another trio of electric crossovers will join these and will be positioned similarly to the XT6, the XT4, and the Escalade.

They are described as a "globally sized luxury three-row SUV," an "attainable luxury - similar to today's Cadillac XT4," and finally a full-size three row luxury SUV with an emphasis on cargo capacity.

Release dates for these vehicles and more have not yet been revealed, but GM has previously promised to release 20 EVs by 2023. If it's to fill that quota, it'll have to start building soon.

Some of that building will be done by GM's Detroit-Hamtramck plant, which insiders are reportedly calling "Factory Zero" because it will apparently only make zero-emission vehicles. GM has previously said that once the plant is fully operational it will create 2,200 jobs. We already know that the GMC Hummer will be built there.