Cadillac has come up with a fancy new way for onlookers to tell what's under the hood of the car they're looking at. Starting with the XT6 400, Cadillacs will get three-digit badges that relate to a particular model's torque figure. But only relate loosely.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that the XT6's 3.6-liter V6 makes 271 lb-ft of torque, which isn't 400. That's because Cadillac is going all metric on us (Steve Carlisle's Canadian influence, no doubt) and measuring torque in Newton-Meters.

And while it's true that metric is used just about everywhere else on earth, and while other automakers do use Newton-Meters, we don't, so this is a little annoying. And it still doesn't tell the full story.

Readers who are good at math may have noticed that 271 lb-ft of torque doesn't add up to 400 Nm. It adds up to something more like 367 Nm, but Cadillac says it's rounding up to the nearest (higher) 50.

The numberphillic nomenclature will find its way to all models across the line except for V-series models. Additionally, turbocharged units will be marked apart with a "T."

The move comes in response to Cadillac's increasingly turbocharged and electrified lineup, which should produce more and more torque.

"It's all about the torque," Carlisle told Car and Driver, so the brand is looking for a way to give customers "a clear understanding of the power differences across the lineup."