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Cadillac Releases Official Photos of its 2017 XT5 Crossover

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2017 Cadillac XT5 Gets First Video Teaser, Official Photos.
September 10, 2015
By: Dan Mihalascu

Here’s another quick look at the all-new 2017 Cadillac XT5, the successor to today's SRX, which will debut at the Dubai and Los Angeles auto shows in November.

Cadillac has released a teaser video called “Parallels: Public School,” in which we can see designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne from New York City’s Public School fashion label as they check out the 2017 XT5. Cadillac has a new fashion partnership with Public School, which will use the car as inspiration for a new clothing line. The partnership will also see the luxury crossover debut at venues around the world with the NYC-based fashion designers.

During a private kickoff event, Public School announced it would debut its Pre-Fall collection on the runway in Dubai, in collaboration with the launch of the 2017 Cadillac XT5. The designers will also create an XT5-inspired capsule collection for the special invited guests at the Dubai show in November.

“This is a new way for two American brands to join forces, share a passion for design and grow globally. For Cadillac, it gives new meaning to being a patron of the arts,” said Andrew Smith, Cadillac executive director of Global Design.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show too much: we only get to see close-ups of a seat, a steering wheel and materials used for the new crossover, before the front end of the XT5 surfaces in the final scene. Fortunately, Cadillac has also released some press shots which reveal the shape of the car.

The XT5 is reportedly based on GM’s new Chi platform that is expected to underpin a number of the company’s future crossovers, including the three-row Cadillac crossover to sit under the big, truck-based Escalade.

The 2017 Cadillac XT5 should be available with some of the engines destined for the CT6 sedan and other future models, including the updated version of GM’s 3.6-liter V6.
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Better than most in the class, but my eye still went to the hot girl first....

I really would like the day to come when a production Caddy has such stunning style that I look at the girl afterwards.... that would be a true Cadillac.

Or the death of your manhood.
When I saw an X1 last week, the first thing that came to mind was the car of the Ambiguously Gay Duo. Some people might like it, but it must be a hard sell to Lesbians.
There is nothing wrong with being autosexual.
Actually, I'm pansexual... I'd appreciate it if you would stop reinforcing the gender binary, breeder.
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For other people perhaps - but not those with Italian blood pumping inside them...D

Ah, the blood of the Italian Futurists runs red in my veins as it does yours, I presume?
An of Italian heritage science mad kid who loved both Impressionist and Art Deco artwork even before studying Art History; and then Industrial Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. What do you think?

Is there any wonder why Italian style and design has dominated and led industrial products from shoes to sports cars? Romance and technology seem diametrically opposed - unless you are Italian...

Stop it, you're teasing me.

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Nice Russolo - but for me his Tower Bridge is the one I'd raise my paddle for...

Yes it's monochromatic with all that blue - but what a blue.

Tower Bridge is many things, but above all else it is a massive machine of the modern age....

The feels, give me all of them. I love it.
The XT5 won't get Tony Soprano out of his Escalade, but I like it!
We all know Tony got clipped in that diner.
Dark interior Shot

New shifter. I don't see a manual shift gate... I remain sad.

Where'd you find it?

PS... who's going to be the first to complain about having 3-4 different shifters?

No ambient lighting?
That cut over the central dash makes it look symmetrical, so maybe there is a wrap covering any ambient lighting that may be there.
I think it's more likely it was disabled or removed to not give away too much of the interior.

This could be the last FWD crossover Cadillac before the RWD successor comes out in '22-'23.
Except for the two smaller crossovers coming in the near future.
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Dark interior Shot

I brightened one I found. You can't see much more, maybe someone else can do better.

Shifter looks good. Interior is as expected... riff off CT6.

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Oh I didn't know everyone had to conform to tradition.


Let's be open minded now and not speak down of those who don't do things the way we do.
Classic GMI.
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No sure what you mean by "gourmet" coffee either.

$18-22 for a 12 oz bag of Blue Bottle Coffee beans isn't what i'd consider "gourmet." Kona Coffee is $18-25 for 6-8 oz, depending on brand. That's far higher priced.

Do you consider "gourmet" as part of price or the style/type of brew and/or bean? Or just simply paying more than $1.50 for a cup?
Can it.

I just made a coffee pun.
If Jesda is now Mr. Butter, are you trying to become our coffee guy?
That's Mr. Buttersworth...

I actually hate coffee. I've had coffee four times in my life. One time was little more than a sip, two were alcoholic, and the third was actually pretty delicious, but it was like a $10 shot of coffee at a Cuban place... and after I had a few mojitos.

Three of those times were in the last two months. The first was about... 8 years ago.


Did'java good time coming up with that one?

Careful kiddo, I can go all night long...
Me too. Better pray you sleep on your butt tonight, Paul.

I hate that I'm able to explain this so thoroughly. I am filled with self-loathing over this post.

And butter.
You wouldn't be a true hipster if you weren't filled with self-loathing.
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I see you've BEAN thinking again.

Filter it more thoroughly next time or we'll GRIND to a halt.
I had coffee made from beans crapped out by a Civit cat in Indonesia this summer. I think they call it Lowak coffee. Apparently people pay a fortune for it. It tasted like coffee.
Kill yourself for your unrefined palette. You will never know the joys of 1,000 year old quail egg.

That said, 99¢ microwave pizzas are one of my favorite foods ever. Also... store brand/generic frosted mini wheats taste exactly like the legit real ones.

But Lipton tea's mom should have thrown herself down literally every set of stairs ever.
On what GROUNDS?
Oh, I already made a pun thread, do you want to FOLGERS into mine? I see a ray of sunshine here; ARABICA'use I thought I was the only one who liked puns! Just give me a 'Yay Bob' (not a 'NABOB'!), and we can really have some fun!

Pun of the Year. FOLGERS I straight laughed my ass off.
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