Get ready to catch a glimpse of upcoming Cadillacs earlier in the development process as the brand plans to reveal models earlier.

"We want to put more of our development cars into the hands of ordinary drivers, not just engineers, so people can see how they perform in normal usage conditions," Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen told Automotive News. "That really requires the removal of camo."

That doesn't mean a fifth-gen Camaro-style four year early reveal, but it does mean that future Cadillacs will be revealed six or seven months before production. That's two or three months sooner than the current protocol.

It's the opposite of what other brands are doing. Most automakers keep the reveal close to the production start which helps keep the old model from looking stale, and it keeps the stylish new one from looking dated by the time it arrives in showrooms.

But as Cadillac readies a salvo of new vehicles, it's putting quality ahead of secrecy, aiming for more miles with more drivers in more cars to help sort out the new cars with a long enough lead time to make fixes before production is underway.

The new plan will start with the XT4, which should be shown early next year for a fourth-quarter launch, followed by four more cars, one every six months or so until 2020.

"Right now, I think getting the very best Cadillacs out there, that are a standard for the world, is top priority for me. If you do these things well, the sales will follow," de Nysschen concluded.