Cadillac is all about its massive infotainment screens and it seems the Lyriq will follow in the Escalade's footprints. A massive 33-inch curved OLED screen will greet drivers when they step into their new Lyriq.

Although smaller than the 2021 Escalade's massive 38-inch screen, the Lyriq will be smaller, too, so the difference may just be proportional. Reports indicate that owners will be able to use the whole screen, though like the Escalade the screen is broken up into a few parts while driving.

The screen will be broken down into three parts. They are controls for lights to the left, instruments behind the wheel, and entertainment to the right.

Although it will be a touch screen, Cadillac is also fitting a rotary knob to the right of the driver's seat to make operations while on the road easier.

"The size of the Cadillac Lyriq display is a huge differentiator for us," Bill Thompson, senior designer for Cadillac UI told Electrek. "The form factor is going to be very industry-leading. The huge 33-inch display is a very big differentiator for us, even among the other brands in our portfolio."

The system will also have EV routing options, Thompson revealed. That will allow you to pick a route to your destination based on charging station availability. Cadillac's Super Cruise will also be helped by the massive infotainment system, according to Thompson, thanks to more human-centered information and alerts.

Expect to learn more about the Lyriq on August 6 when it's revealed. Production is expected to start in 2022.