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The Wall Street Journal
September 19, 2022

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Photo Credit: General Motors Corporation

GM has marketed a new slate of models that its executives say will quickly give it the broadest electric portfolio in the U.S. market. But the launch of the first two of those entries—the GMC Hummer pickup truck and Cadillac Lyriq SUV—has been slower than comparable new vehicles from rivals. The company has been making both the Hummer and Lyriq at rates of less than a dozen a day, people familiar with the matter said, despite waiting lists that stretch into the tens of thousands.

Output at the Detroit factory where the Hummer is made, and at GM’s Lyriq plant, in Tennessee, has been constrained by battery supplies, a GM spokesman said. The batteries needed to increase vehicle production should flow with the recent opening of an Ohio battery factory GM built with partner LG Energy Solution, he said.

“Unfortunately, the production isn’t there because we’re ramping up the supply chain,” GM finance chief Paul Jacobson told analysts in August.


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Looking forward to "dozens" per hour.
Same here, but at the rate things are going with Hummer EV and Lyriq product launches, "zero, zero, zero" per hour may be more likely short term.

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... “Unfortunately, the production isn’t there because we’re ramping up the supply chain,” GM finance chief Paul Jacobson told analysts in August.
Meanwhile, a month later and production is still "constrained?"

Marketing continues which lengthens waiting lists.

I should hope someone in that Ohio battery plant has a fire under their butt
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The products are so promising. But the delivery is downright depressing.

This is data from a US geological survey from January of this year. Sorry for the poor formatting, it didn't cut and paste well. (link: But there is lithium all over the globe. The numbers on the right below are the known reserves in that country, with updated totals in the paragraph below. The US has considerably less lithium than other countries, but still substantial reserves. But the US has only one operating mine. Of course, attempts to open new mines are opposed by various interest groups. And as seen in another thread, opposed with threats from China. Chile and Australia have huge reserves. Perhaps we should be negotiating with interests in those countries. Or course, those reserves may have already been cornered by China.

Plans for a new (and only the second) US lithium mine are on hold even though it was approved by the Bureau of Land Management after years of deliberation. Native American tribes are one roadblock, because it could be "sacred" land because a battle was fought there with US troops where between 30 and 70 Indians were killed in 1865. They say that the remains were never recovered and occasional bones can be found. So we hold up an important project because of 157-year old bones and superstition. They never seem to interview representatives of the Indian tribes that support projects like this, or various pipelines. There's Indian communities living in abject poverty who support such projects because it would bring jobs to their communities, but they're drowned out, and really completely ignored, so as not to distract from the big crocodile tears shed over long ago battles. "It's a sacred burial ground!" By that measure, so is pretty much every inch of land on the planet.

World Mine Production and Reserves: Reserves for Argentina, Australia, and “Other countries” were revised based
on new information from Government and industry sources.
Mine production Reserves6
2020 2021e
United States W W 750,000
Argentina 5,900 6,200 2,200,000
Australia 39,700 55,000 5,700,000
Brazil 1,420 1,500 95,000
Chile 21,500 26,000 9,200,000
China 13,300 14,000 1,500,000
Portugal 348 900 60,000
Zimbabwe 417 1,200 220,000
Other countries8 — — 2,700,000
World total (rounded) 982,500 9100,000 22,000,000

World Resources:6 Owing to continuing exploration, identified lithium resources have increased substantially
worldwide and total about 89 million tons. Identified lithium resources in the United States—from continental brines,
geothermal brines, hectorite, oilfield brines, pegmatites, and searlesite—are 9.1 million tons. Identified lithium
resources in other countries have been revised to 80 million tons. Identified lithium resources are distributed as
follows: Bolivia, 21 million tons; Argentina, 19 million tons; Chile, 9.8 million tons; Australia, 7.3 million tons; China,
5.1 million tons; Congo (Kinshasa), 3 million tons; Canada, 2.9 million tons; Germany, 2.7 million tons; Mexico,
1.7 million tons; Czechia, 1.3 million tons; Serbia, 1.2 million tons; Russia, 1 million tons; Peru, 880,000 tons; Mali,
700,000 tons; Zimbabwe, 500,000 tons; Brazil, 470,000 tons; Spain, 300,000 tons; Portugal, 270,000 tons; Ghana,
130,000 tons; Austria, 60,000 tons; and Finland, Kazakhstan, and Namibia, 50,000 tons each

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GM has told the public over and over that it would be a very slow ramp-up and I believe even gave a timeframe. Due to our collective short-term memories ("our", as in everyone on the planet), we need constant reminders of what is going on. Still frustrating - can't wait until that first Ultium plant is fully operational.

I'd rather GM take its time and not mess this up. It'll be disastrous if the batteries aren't up to snuff and there are fires or other problems. As much as I'm a GM fan and Ford is the competition, I do want Ford to do well also. Ford seems to have big issues with rolling out anything all new - hopefully they don't have the same issues with the batteries and the design, etc. goes through their battery partner vs. Ford's system that allows for such problems.

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GM is soon (2024) going to be sourcing their lithium from the Salton Sea, in California with a much cleaner, safer method. In Dearborn, Ford is still going to be sourcing theirs from Rhyolite Ridge in Nevada.
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