While Cadillac arms itself against the German juggernauts in the luxurious section of the car business, a new plan is on boil behind the scenes that could see it take on the likes of Bentley and, evidently, even Rolls-Royce.

Our source, who is intimate with Cadillac's projected product cadence, says it is looking to launch an ultra-lux SUV and sedan in the $250-300,000 range, with both penciled to appear before the end of the next decade.

Let's start with the SUV.

We've been told Cadillac wants this to not only sit above the XT8 Escalade replacement, but compete with the Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Cullinan (or whatever they end up calling it), Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX and any other ultra lux SUVs that crop up within the next decade.

It's expected to wear the XT9 name- and although the XT8 will remain the largest SUV Cadillac offers, the XT9 will be the de facto halo wearer on the high riding side of the garage.

We were told it's supposed to be totally bespoke with prices starting in the $250,000+ range. Think Land Rover SVAutobiography (which incidentally, JLR can't build fast enough).

The XT8 isn't expected on the market until 2020 at least, and according to the projections XT9 won't make it's debut until sometime closer to 2027.


Complimenting the XT9 will be an even more opulent saloon. This guy will sit above the eventual CT8, Cadillac's true S-Class fighter- we've been told to expect it wearing the CT9 name, clock in closer to $300,000 and debut shortly after the XT9 in 2029.

Considering the time frame and tax bracket, it's not hard to imagine the CT9 serving for Cadillac like the Mission E will for Porsche with 10 years of tech development tacked on. Not in terms of performance per se, but certainly in terms of company wide innovation and the best GM Design has to offer.

With nearly 50 percent of GM's current powertrain workforce dedicated to alternative and electric propulsion the CT9 could and should be a definite crown jewel for both GM Propulsion Systems and Cadillac's rebrand.

Do keep in mind though, all things are subject to change and 2029 is a long way off. Much of this is contingent on Cadillac's continued growth and movement towards the proper positioning- not to mention the business continuing to stomach rapid expansion of the ultra-premium segment, which has outpaced mainstream segments since the recession.

Cadillac already builds a properly premium product, there is little doubt about that. The new $54 and change CT6 is a stunning vehicle in the metal, even more so as you get closer to it's $85,000 top end.

There are big things coming from the new Omega platform. The $100,000+ CT8 is expected to lead its segment in efficient mass just like the CT6, the CT7 could and should be Cadillac's (proper) return to the luxury coupe game and the XT8 Escalade replacement will bake in more luxury and more off road prowess than currently offered.

Cadillac, you have our attention.