GM is already investing $175 million in its Lansing Grand River Plant to produce two new sedans to go along with the CT6.

The sedans-which are expected to be called the CT4 and CT5-will eventually replace the CTS, ATS, and XTS.

GM's Lansing plant currently builds the CTS and ATS, alongside the Chevrolet Camaro, but new tooling and equipment are already being installed.

Production of the ATS is expected to continue, as expected, until 2019. That date should dovetail nicely with the CT5, which expected to begin production that same year with the CT4 coming shortly thereafter.

The investment comes as part of a total of $464 million GM has spent on Cadillac manufacturing, including $211 million spent to support tooling and to expand a Cadillac body shop by 32,000 sq ft.

The move comes despite fears that GM might decide to divest itself of sedans and move entirely to crossovers like Ford. Cadillac will invest itself in crossovers, though, with the coming XT4 and XT5.

[source: Automotive News]