We've probably said this a thousand times before, but with Cadillac's new electric models coming, the brand might be ready to kick luxury ass and take names. Starting with the Lyriq and the Celestiq

Hoping that the new names will stiq, GM President Mark Reuss expressed to Car and Driver the importance of these new vehicles for the brand. "Do you think the Cadillac brand is in good shape," he asked when queried why Cadillac needed a vehicle like the Celestiq. "It's not."

The Lyriq will be the first Cadillac (or is that Cadillaq?) EV, and it's the SUV that we saw way back with the launch of the XT6. The automaker showed it at a preview event, but photos were not made available. It uses the new GM EV platform, but keeps traditional SUV proportions, C/D says, describing it as reminding them of the original SRX. The report also describes a 34-inch screen, much like the one found in the all-new Escalade

Second up is the Celestiq, a low-volume, high-priced flagship vehicle that's a four-seat hatchback. Sort of like a Panamera for Cadillac, though not with that brand's styling. It gets 23-inch wheels and is long and low, the report says, with a single screen spanning the width of the dash. It will be hand-built at a factory near Detroit, and expect this one to demand six figures on the window sticker.