Cadillac's CEO, Steve Carlisle, doesn't believe that 300-350 miles of range will be acceptable for the electric crossover it revealed before the Detroit auto show.

"We'll have to push past 300 miles," Carlisle told us at the show. "Have to put customers at the center. An internal combustion car can drive 400 miles, that's what people are expecting."

The question of how quickly the car will charge will be a big concern. Though he didn't furnish us with any details, he did reveal that the charging times will be an important concern for them.

And that's part of his defense for why the company will be waiting for three years to release.

"Three years is a nanosecond in the fullness of time," he explained. "But the question comes: 'how can you say you're leading if you're not first?' And the way we think about that is we need to think about what leading really is. You can be first, but you can be best and you can be most."

To that end, Carlisle says he wants to ensure that the EV and all its associated technology is ready to be great before they release. That's the same argument he makes for why Supercruise isn't available on the XT6. Although it will be introduced in the future-as will it to the rest of the lineup starting in 2020-the technology simply wasn't ready to be rolled out yet.

The electric crossover will just be the first in a line of EVs for Cadillac.

"There has to be [a range of EVs,]" said Carlisle. "Today we have a full range-finally-from the XT4 to the Escalade, and in the future, you can expect something like that in the future, but electric."