It's hard to find an engine bay that looks particularly good these days, but even by the low standards of the times, Cadillac's aren't great. According to a report from Cadillac Society, that's because Cadillac doesn't think its customers care. And according to me, that's the problem with Cadillac.

An unnamed source at Cadillac recently told the forum that they ignore underhood aesthetics because "Cadillac owners don't open the hoods of their vehicles." The argument being, why spend money on something that no one is likely to see.

By that same reasoning, though, why bother spending money on cylinders I won't use? Horsepower I'll never feel? Back seats that will never caress my imperious butt? The answer, as far as I'm concerned, is: because it's a luxury car, you new-money scoundrel!

Take a look at the Bentley Mulsanne's engine bay. Do you even know how many cylinders are in there? Do you have any idea how long I had to search through Bentley's photo archive to find this picture? Do you think any Mulsanne owner has ever even touched a motor car's hood?

And yet look at it. It's exceedingly tidy, thoughtfully designed, and beautifully executed. Someone even signed their name to it.

Granted, it costs a little more than most Cadillacs but if you think reason has anything to do with luxury then you're doomed to be lumped in with those unfortunate people who have never even used the word summer as a verb.

The words "that," "will," and "do" should never enter the conversation when it comes to luxury vehicles.

Luxury doesn't really exist. It's a story we tell ourselves, that we're being pampered, taken care of, cosseted in comfort. When you cut corners, you change the story. Why does the engine bay matter? Because everything matters.