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Cadillac CTS-V wrecks into WALL at Orlando Speedworld

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This Beautiful Cadillac CTS-V was racing against the Trans-Am on the Orlando Speedway and lost control and hit a retainer wall.

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Correction: CTS DRIVER loses control, nails brakes, attacks tank barriers.

Driver: "Hello, Nationwide? Is my agent Payton Manning there?
NW: "One minute sir."
Driver: "Yo Payton. Look, I'm having two dozen Pappa John's pizzas delivered to your office. Happy New Year!"
PM: "So you wrecked your Caddy?"
Driver: "In a manner of speaking. A red Trans-Am ran me off the road!. The front end has some minor bumper damage, and the tank barriers at the dragstrip I mean out in a farmer's field have a couple of scratches."
Really can't even tell what happened. Is that track wet or something? Was that just a really bad shift?
That sucks. The way the track and things shine it looks wet to me. I like how the video focuses on the inspection of the fractured wall more than the aftermath of the crash, jeez.
What on earth made that car turn to the right like that?
Here is what the owner had to say.
kabooz321 said:
Sup guys. Rumors are true. It was my V getting slammed against the wall. The vid shows my second test burnout. I had done a burnout prior to it and was checking traction. I did turn off all the nannies, (which i'm kicking myself for). Car was feeling great with that cold air and decided to launch at 2k rpm. Off the line i spun, let off, floored it and got wheel spin, so I let off went into second, spun again so i shift into third. I was again in a straight line, felt traction so i floored it again (generally i'm good on 3rd gear when it comes to traction) so I went pedal to the metal. Next think I knew i was aiming at the wall. My original reaction was to let off the gas and hope it would re align, which is why i didn't hit on the brakes as soon as most would. Needless to say, after getting out of the car I went to check out on the tires, the right one was hissing air out of it, so i'm not sure if that had something to do with it. With the wheel hop and spinning I'm guessing it was a 60-80mph impact. Airbags felt great against my helmet so I didn't sustain any major injury. My right arm is sore and so are my neck muscles along with my pride. Asides from that, I'm still reliving that wreck and having trouble sleeping.

The reason there were so many people on the line was due to the event, Grudge racing. There was a race with $80,000 bet on it along some 30k bets and the usual 5k bets. I however was the slowest car of the event. That red TA was a NA lsx block, pushing close to 700 whp. I personally was there trying to break into the 10.7's with a manual transmission. I was waiting in line for 4-5 hours to run and was going to be my one and only run, so I wanted to make it count.. I think I failed... lol Anyways, I'm ok, car isn't and I now get to say I can't drive worth a crap in a straight line! I might need to consider drifting.
Thaxx for the explanation. The other side of those hated nannies!!

Funny guy.:) Going to consider drifting. :drive:
"It's spinning in 1st and 2nd, let me try 3rd to see if that helps."

I've seen that happen at a dragstrip first hand, I can't believe people think they are gonna eliminate wheelspin by adding more wheel speed.
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