Earlier this month we reported that Cadillac had filed a trademark for a new logo that would likely be applied to cars featuring the Blackwing V8. Now Cadillac is using the logo publicly at the LA Auto Show.

Printed on a wall behind a Cadillac CT6-V, the logo appears above a paragraph or two describing Cadillac's twin-turbo V8.

There was little doubt that the logo would apply to the engine, but Cadillac did not confirm how the logo would be applied at the time and the trademark application didn't explicitly state what it would be applied to.

The Blackwing V8 will be fitted in the CT6-V despite the CT6's imminent demise.

"The CT6 goes out of production mid-2019 at Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly, which produces vehicles for North America," a Cadillac representative told Jalopnik earlier this week. "Important note - our plans to introduce the V-Series and Blackwing V-8 aren't impacted by today's news."

That's good news because the Blackwing V8 will make 550 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque from its 4.2-liters. Where else it will be applied is a question that remains unanswered.