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C9 Corvette Could Be Fully Electric Based On New GM Customer Survey
Muscle Cars & Trucks
By Zac M.
November 23, 2021

A recent thread on the MidEngineCorvetteForum reveals that GM is trying to understand what Corvette owners may be interested in for future vehicles. Among the list of questions on the survey, downloadable subscription services seem to be on the table, and could include a racetrack checklist, a potential stealth mode, and battery performance optimization for track days. Subscription-based features for vehicles appear to be a popular option among car manufacturers as of late, bringing frequent updates to a vehicle’s software, which also prompts mixed feelings from customers.

Among the questions that GM asked participants, one stuck out from the others asking if they would like a silent start option for an electric vehicle, which is odd considering that electric vehicles already make little to no noise when running. Suppose that means canceling out any synthesized start-up sound effects?
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