If you're hoping to watch a base (or near enough) Corvette outperform a top-of-the-line Mustang, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. 760 hp and the full might of Ford's pony car division do, in fact, make a pretty quick car. But it's a testament to Chevy's engineers that the Corvette can hang.

The video sees the two American track cars tested on the same day at Willow Springs' Big Willow track. Both cars are owned by the channel's (Speed Phenom) host, and both cars are wearing Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires.

The Mustang finishes the lap in 1:29.24 while the Corvette does it in 1:31.11 (though he managed a 1:30.8 on a different day). That's not an insubstantial difference, but neither is it a vast difference. For a car that makes 265 fewer horses and that has been designed as the mildest, road-friendly version of Corvette lineup, it's an impressive feat. 

It kind of shows the difference between making a track day car useable on the road vs making a road car into a track car. The Mustang weighs nearly 600 lbs more than the Corvette (despite its carbon fiber wheels) and that means that it has to consume way more. 

The video's host said he was filling the car up after every session and melting through tires at a more rapid pace. The Corvette, meanwhile, could run and run and run all day and his tires had gone through multiple track days and still looked new. The weight also means that the Mustang needs brakes the size of Bugatti's and that weighs and costs even more.

Ford has managed to make a remarkably fast pony. Chevy, meanwhile, has made an understandably fast horse.