Here's a surprise for you about the new C8 Chevrolet Corvette. It's not just going to be the quickest car for your buck. It's also going to be the fastest. And the fastest one won't be the quickest one. But it will be the cheapest one.

Confusing? Yup. But bear with us. It doesn't help that we all throw around quickest (acceleration) and fastest (top speed) interchangeably, but they don't mean the same thing.

So the quickest Corvette is going to be the Z51 Performance Package, that can be added to any trim--that only applies to the trims released so far, though. It's $5,000 and comes with an exhaust system that boosts the car to 495 hp and gets it from 0-60 in under three seconds. But that Z51 pack also comes with a special front splitter and rear spoiler that alter the aerodynamics for more downforce. It also adds a special rear axle ratio, also probably for performance.

Chevrolet has just said that the fastest C8 Stingray will be capable of 194 mph--on track, of course. Pro driver, do not attempt, yadda, yadda--but it won't be the Z51 that gets you there.

As a result of aero and the axle ratio, it's the non-Z51 package cars that get up to 194 mph. So your $59,995 might not get you to 60 in under three seconds (we bet it'll be darn close), but it will get you to 194 mph flat out. For less than 60 grand.

Maybe you can't use it anywhere, but that's some serious speed for shockingly little cash. Maybe it's time for a German vacation after delivery?

So would you want the higher top speed, or the increased downforce and maybe more useful performance? We'd probably pick the Z51.