When the new mid-engine, C8 Chevrolet Corvette finally debuts, it'll be one of the most teased auto launches in history. While it seems like we've been talking about it forever, we still haven't had a chance to take a look at the car without any camouflage. But since the internet exists, we don't have to wait until the official unveiling later this month to check out unwrapped parts of the vehicle.

What you are seeing below (the break) is an Instagram post purporting to be the rear end of the new Corvette. It's not the best quality of image, but we can see some key details that match up to the camouflaged version. We believe this to be an accurate picture. The exhausts, pushed all the way to the outside of the car, is one giveaway. The second is the rear spoiler that appears to curve down in the middle, following the lines of the decklid.

The rear taillights look a lot like the last-generation Camaro with hints of the current C7's lights. It's hard to tell from the photo if the black plastic rear vents are functional or if they're just for show. That might vary depending on which engine is mounted amidships in the car.

General Motors hasn't released specifics on the Vette but there is speculation that the base model will have a 6.2-liter V8 engine mated to a 7-speed DCT automatic. A manual transmission seems unlikely at this point, but anything is possible. Also expect Chevrolet to release higher-performance versions of the Corvette over time - versions like the Z06 and ZR1. A performance hybrid is also likely appear.

One thing for certain is that some Corvette fans aren't going to appreciate the new look. Based on the uproar over the taillight change for the 7th-generation, you can already hear forum posters furiously typing about how this car isn't a "real Corvette" and won't sell. Still, it's exciting to see this vehicle finally become reality. Hopefully we'll have answers to most of your questions come the 18th of this month.




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