Few racing programs are as stories and legendary as the Corvette racing program, so what better way to celebrate America's premiere race car than an honestly, surprisingly accurate car cover?

Corvettes, in street trim, are, I hardly need to tell you, very good. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't dream of someday growing up to be even faster.

Yes, like your kid's Batman pajamas, you can buy your 'Vette its own superhero PJs.

The "Premium Indoor Vehicle Cover" comes in a convenient duffle bag for easy storage. When deployed, the cover turns your Corvette into a C7.3 Corvette GT race car.

Okay, not quite. Without the race car's spoiler, you're not going to fool anyone, but the attention to detail really is impressive.

With the correct livery, drawn-in side pipes, hood pins and more, the cover is genuinely cute.

Available from Chevy itself, you can add this to the purchase of your brand new Corvette. It won't be cheap, though. With a price of $1,205, you'll have to really love Corvette Racing to buy this, but we could hardly blame you for getting it.

[via: Carscoops]