When Cadillac introduced the second-generation CTS sedan, it tried to inject some sport in between the standard model and the V8-powered CTS-V. They did it with this. The CTS Sport Concept car, which was shown at SEMA in 2007. Now, you can buy this SEMA special, though, like most SEMA cars, you might have trouble putting it on the road.

The auction listing's pretty short on details for this car that's headed to Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale at the end of the week. It lists that the car has a shocking 22,455 miles, that it has a couple of outstanding recall notices, and that it'll come with a Scrap title. Which is why it's gonna be tough to get registered for the road.

But go back to 2007, and we can find a bit more about this CTS with a V6 and a stick. It's the stock 3.6L V6 that was offered for sale that year, but it comes with a Corsa cat-back exhaust. The exhaust originally had mesh inserts, but they look to be gone.

Like most SEMA cars, this one was more about the looks. It had a new front fascia with a more aggressive appearance than stock, along with more mesh for the lower grille as well as the uppers. The hood got more vents and even more mesh, and the revised rear diffuser had more, you guessed it, mesh. It originally had Recaro seats fitted inside, along with carbon fiber trim. We can't tell from the listing if those seats are still there.

You're on your own for figuring how to make it road-legal, but it's not every day that you get a chance to buy something from the GM Heritage Collection. And it does look pretty cool. Downright discreet by SEMA standards.