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Buy Hummer? Nyet, says Russian automaker

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August 18, 2008 - 12:01 am ET

Sure, a Hummer might be perfect for banging through the frozen tundra or soaking up some excess petrodollars. But a Russian auto company says the brand isn't going to that country.

Vedomosti, a Moscow business publication, reports that Oleg Deripaska, the billionaire owner of Russian Machines, is angling to buy Hummer from General Motors.

Nyet, says spokesman Igor Vagan. "On the situation with Hummer brand, we can say the following: Russian Machines neither received any proposals to consider acquisition of the Hummer assets nor is strategically interested in such a deal," Vagan said in an e-mail last week to Automotive News.

Russian Machines is the parent company of GAZ, one of Russia's oldest automakers.

GM CEO Rick Wagoner said recently that the company is getting plenty of inquiries about Hummer. GM wants to sell or rethink Hummer, whose sales have collapsed because of high fuel costs.
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The H2 (Tahoe) and H3 (Colorado) have no military versions and are GM designs so tooling could be sold with the brand (much like Chrysler and the previous gen Stratus to Russian maker GAZ) without issue.
once again i see another person that has no idea what they're talking about call the H2 a Tahoe, and the H3 a Colorado. the H2's chassis is based on 3/4 ton truck parts, with only the rear portion even remotely related to the Tahoe. the H3 chassis, while heavily based on the Colorado, is fully boxed where the Colorado is not, and the suspension mounting points and crossmembers are all welded on, where some Colorado pieces are bolted. there are, of course, a lot of other differences, but from the very bottom they are different. i hate people calling these vehicles Tahoes and Colorados because they're just not. you can not buy a Tahoe with a chassis anywhere near as off-road ready as the H2's, and the same goes for a Colorado versus the H3.
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