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Buy Ferrari's F1 motorhomes

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Buy Ferrari's F1 motorhomes and start your own Scuderia|latest-auto-news|content

The single-seat racecars themselves may be the most impressive bits of machinery a Formula One team brings to the circuit, but the vehicles you see on the track are not the end of the story. The trucks in which they're transported and which serve as mobile bases for the team's trackside operations are almost as impressive in their own right, and now a pair of these tractor-trailers are available for sale. Only they're not from just any team – they're from Scuderia Ferrari.

This pair of transporters include two scarlet red Iveco Stralis tractors and a pair of matching custom trailers made by AstaCar in Reggio Emilia, just 45 minutes down the autostrada from Maranello. One trailer was made to transport the F1 cars, and the other as a mobile office and repair shop. They can deploy once parked to a height of 23 feet for two floors and cover an area of over 2,000 square feet.

The trailers were commissioned by Ferrari back in 2003 during the height of the Michael Schumacher era. They were used by the team as its rolling base of operations and trackside hospitality at grands prix across Europe for ten years, upgraded incrementally along the way until they were replaced halfway through last season. They've even still got the nameplates of former team principal Stefano Domenicali and drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa on the doors.
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If I had the money.
Right? How hilarious would it be to show up to a track day/autocross event with these!? :fall: Errybody be like wtf..I think I'll race tomorrow :fall:
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