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Burlapp: Insignia=Chinese LaCrosse, so....

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According to Vince Burlapp's Car Page, the new Chinese Buick LaCrosse will basically be a rebadged Opel Insignia. Click here for his information:

Burlapp states that the photo is what China gets but not what the U.S. will get. I thought with globalization that the Chinese and NA Buick product would be exactly the same.

Is it possible that Burlapp is wrong, that the camouflaged picture hides the sweepspear line and other niceities of the Invicta Concept? Also, if China Buick is continuing to have a LaCrosse in their line-up, does that mean that NA will retain the LaCrosse name?

[ AFTERTHOUGHT EDIT ] I can't judge the length of this vehicle; is it possible it's a smaller Buick (not the LaCrosse/Invicta, but maybe the Excelle or Regal or Skylark) going through testing?
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Incorrect. The Insignia has nothing to do with Buick here or in China.
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