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100 years ago, minus 2 weeks;), a group of men took a group of brands they thought would work best together in the market and made them into the greatest automotive empire ever built (at least then). Let's say that, today, you could take any collection of brands and create your own "General Motors." Which brands would you choose and why? How would they play off each other? For mine I chose to start with the current GM, but you really don't have to choose any GM brands at all if you don't want to. I'll put the number cap at 15 or 16 brands, just so you can't take every brand out there.

Alfa Romeo - This includes the Fiat 500 as well. As strong, premium Euro brand, with some beautiful, curvy designs. The 8C is the strongest R8 fighter out there today, and the 500 and MiTo can together take on MINI quite effectively.

Aston Martin - Bond. James Bond. But seriously, Aston Martin would be a very exclusive luxury brand that Cadillac just can't become, no matter how hard it tries.

Bugatti - God of cars. Why not add it into the mix?

Buick - The Buick brand will compete against Japanese luxury marques, and be a good in-between marque for Chevy and Cadillac. Cadillac cars cannot be priced as low as Buick's if they want to be competitive against Mercedes and BMW, but people won't be willing to pay Buick prices for Chevys or even Oldsmobiles.

Cadillac - Everything from 1-series to Maybach, Cadillac has the luxury market covered.

Chevrolet - The volume division, with all kinds of cars for all kinds of people. This includes Corvette.

Escalade - I have Escalade becoming it's own brand, competing against Land Rover, G-Class, and Cayenne, along with the classic Escalade.

GMC - Mostly commercial trucks.

Holden - Just the Efijy.

Jeep - Off-road machines, including H3 and HX, with the Hummer name going away.

Lamborghini - It was pretty tough to decide whether to have Lambo or Ferrari in my GM, but I decided Lambo was the better choice, different than anything else on the market, and purely race oriented, no soft luxury.

Lotus - Just a really cool car:D

Oldsmobile - Sells Opel models Insignia and up in size, including a new Omega as the next 88. Also has a few models of it's own, including a RWD 98, 442 muscle coupe, and a new Toronado.

Pontiac - Mostly Holdens, along with the Opel Tigra, a production WTCC Ultra as LeMans, and maybe a production T2X as Tempest.

Saab - Quirky, FWD and AWD Swedish luxury.

Saturn - All about fuel economy. Smaller Opel models and the VUE. GM also owns Tesla, whose roadster is sold as the next Sky, Fisker, whose Karma is sold as the next Aura, and MDI, whose Air Car is sold as the Opel Frogster, with some design changes. Also a possibility of a three-wheeled car, like the FVT Ale. Smart fighter is also in the cards, based, most likely, on the Opel Trixx concept.

Just some basic ideas. What do you guys think? Any ideas of you own?

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Chevrolet - Bread and Butter cars and trucks

Cadillac - Luxury on par with BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, etc.

I have covered the yin and the yang, now let me fill in all the gaps -

Oakland - Slightly more upsacle Chevys with V8s and "True Blue" paint by DuPont

LaSalle - A luxury offering less upscale than Cadillac competing with the mainstream models of Volvo, Saab, Acura, and Lincoln.

Marquette - European influenced touring cars with L-head engines.

Viking - Uncompromised sporty cars. Powered by raucous monobloack V8s.

Asuna - Budget-minded compact vehicles designed to appeal to first time buyers.

Ranger - A good middle-of-the-road car assembled from bits from the other divisions.

Random references worthy of our esteemed, yet seldom seen of late member, Hudson.

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The bread-and-butter brand, and it's getting on track all-around (Beat, Malibu, Vette, GMT-900's - all equal to or better than the class leaders).

Give them the ability to do as they wish, and they would certainly return to the glory days - Cadillac Sixteen, ULS, etc anyone? The CTS and Escalade are a great start - time to step it up elsewhere though.

No real "business case" for this - but hey, it's Lamborghini - sex on wheels like no other car company. Ever.

Granted, I'd kick some sense into them to stop their current stupidity with their designs - c'mon, that MDX and the new sedans are ugly! But regardless, great cars, great appeal - and that's what we'd need.

Mix these cars companies together, and you've got the next Toyota.

Car companies that I thought about:
Saturn - unfortunately, the appeal isn't there.
Lincoln - I love where they can go, very similar to Cadillac, except much further behind in their revival.
Toyota - two reasons; one, my bias towards American; two, Toyota has forgotten how to build quality vehicles, while Chevy passes them up (along with the rest of the world, excluding Dodge...)
Pontiac - I figured we could use the affordable, RWD performance as part of Chevy without the Pontiac baggage (stigma of the name...)
Bughatti - I was SOOOOOO close to putting that in, but I had to give the nod to my favorite brand, Lamborghini, over Bughatti, which is also among my favorites.
Honda - This was about as close of a tie as you can get between Honda and Chevy - but I ended up giving the nod to Chevy simply because of its sheer size, engineering abilities, and it has only up to go given the current state of GM.
Lotus - and I might still add these guys in there...

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Holden as the top level Luxury Sport brand and would of course offer Manual transmissions.

Then Buick as the old fart shoppe and include the Statesman as the new "Garland".

Skoda would go in the middle as the diesel powered off the wall alternative to mainstream vehicles

Then Daewoo for entry level vehicles, lead by the previously titled Cruze labelled as the DH 40 (google it)

I would call my shopping trolley brand Cadillac, because folks that buy ill handling cheap cars are the only ones gullible enough to purchase a rebadge, especially when they can tell their friends they just bought a new Caddy.

Okay so these are short term solutions, but I would be in just long enough to double my share price (what's 2 X 50 cents?) then disappear to an island off Vanuatu.

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Honda, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac, and Jeep. That would be my GM.

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Here goes...

Chevrolet - Core brand, covering full spectrum of cars and trucks

Cadillac - Luxury brand, including Luxury trucks

Jeep - Offroad brand, Wrangler & Cherokee (replaces Liberty) with variants of each

Triumph - small car & motorcycle brand

Tesla - Advanced Technology brand, electric versions of vehicles from all the other makes

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If you are starting from scratch and wanted something profitable...
And it pains me to say this:

Toyota, MB and GMC.

That brings together the best "low end" manufacture, the best "high end" manufacture and the best light and medium duty truck manufacture. All you need is a sports car in the mix... if the Covette was its own brand... perfection would be:

Toyota, Corvette, MB, and GMC

A second pick would be:
Honda, Covette, MB and GMC
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