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Originally posted by jaorobot@Mar 21 2004, 09:25 PM
I found the Buick Velite photos on the web just now after seeing this post.. They are over at {Some Website that disobeys embargoes and should be punished } (TaHoE thinks that was the name of the website) forums.

No, I found those. Those are the photoshopped Lex-arse convertible that's been making the rounds lately.

I really do hate it when they have to pull embargoed stuff. What's their hammer, Rex?

I'm not a copyright lawyer, but if it's not a GM produced photo, the site would be well within its rights to run it. (Say, for instance, a bystander snapped a pic at the Tiger Woods rollout event.) Or are we just trying to maintain friendly relations with the General?
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