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You are right, the photos that have been posted and removed are media photos that are distributed to print publications which would need the photos ahead of time since their publications only come one once a month, whereas on GMI news topics change by the minute.

GMI does not post embargoed images, simply because we are following the rules set down by GM Media. By accepting a username and password to GM's Media database you are also agreeing to NOT post embargoed information (which includes images) until the date on the information has expired. If a website like GMI were to post the information or pictures before the date has expired, then a GM representative would contact GMI and insist upon the removal of the images, if we refuse, than GM can pretty much take the site down, which is what we don't want, and which is what should be happening to those sites that frequently post embargoed images.

Sorry for the long response, hope I cleared everything up.
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