With the Shanghai motor show getting into gear, brands have been unveiling their latest EVs and crossovers and Buick is no exception. Taking the veil off of the Encore, Encore GX, the Velite 6, and the GL8 Avenir, the brand looking to recapture the eastern market.

The Encore and the longer wheelbase GX are both visually inspire by the Enspire concept with their flowing lines and smooth profile. Both will come with Ecotec engines and a nine-speed Hydra-Matic or CVT transmission.

"From its introduction seven years ago, the Encore has resonated with younger consumers," said Ryan Vaughan, executive director of PATAC Design and GM China Design. "With the two new additions, the Encore family will offer an unprecedented choice in its segment. It will provide our customers a more personalized offering to match their active and changing lifestyles."

The Velite 6, meanwhile, is a little harder to describe because the brand insists that it is neither a hatchback nor a crossover, but instead an MAV (short for Multi-Activity Vehicle, which is silly and not enormously helpful: which activities can it do that every other car on the road can't?).

Regardless, what it is is electric and capable of driving a little over 300 km (187 miles) between charges. Curiously, it only makes 115 hp, but a more respectable 188 lb-ft of torque.

It's the first EV from SAIC-GM and the first 5,000 will by put on the roads by EVCARD, as of April 28.

Finally, and perhaps least relevant to the US (though none is explicitly intended for us), is the GL8 Avenir concept, which combines the minivan aesthetic with high luxury. Allegedly inspired by rolling waves, it's filled with the finest materials, including cashmere carpets and a dark blue ceiling.

Its interior also benefits from a 12-inch infotainment screen and a 14-inch heads up display.