The three shields are enough, or so thinks Buick, which has decided that it will stop actually writing "Buick" on its cars.

That's according to a report from GM Authority, which has heard from representatives that the Buick brand plans to use only its crest to identify the brand on its vehicles.

The plan starts in 2019 and it doesn't mean that Buicks will be totally debadged in the future. Cars will still bear their model name, as is made clear by the new Envision.

That car's recent launched previewed Buick's new MO by placing an Envision badge on the tailgate's lower right corner-just like in the old one-but quietly edited out the "Buick" badge that the previous model had on the lower left side of the tailgate.

GM Authority reports that the Envision will be the first Buick to participate in the new no-name scheme. No word yet, though, on exactly when the rest of the range will pick up on the practice.

[source: GM Authority]