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I agree with Roadmaster for the Park Avenue replacement. It was that name that seemed to fit a RWD Full-Size Buick best.

But what about the LeSabre?

I was thinking about past Buick names...

2006 Buick Wildacat-too sporty for a LeSabre replacement
2006 Buick Super-Historic, but a little plain,
2006 Buick Special-Same
2006 Buick Centurion-To 70's, but a good name
2006 Buick Invicta-Again a nice name, but it sounds a little harsh.

I think that the Cielo concept car has a nice ring to it.....Spanish for "sky"

2006 Buick Cielo sounds pretty good.

Now that I think about LaCrosse would have worked for the LeSabre replacement and Cielo would have been better for the Regal replacement.

I think that this is the ideal set up...........

Buick Cielo-LeSabre replacement
Buick Roadmaster- V8 powered Park Avenue replacement
Buick Estate- Wagon version of the Roadmaster-V8, RWD/AWD-Dodge Magnum competitor.
Buick Riviera-The production version of the Velite.

I have read that the Park Avenue replacement will have both a V6 and V8 available, how about Wildcat for the V6 version and Roadmaster for the V8 model.

Please throw a nice coupe version of something out there Buick! Maybe a coupe LaCrosse to be sold alongside the more expensive Velite/Riviera? The coupe version of the LaCrosse can bring back the Regal nameplate. A coupe version of the LeSabre replacement would work too.

Any coupe please!
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