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Buick is going through an entire makeover with GM pumping $3BILLION into the brand.

Everything you know about BUICK is changing.

Regal= GONE
Century = GONE
LeSabre = GONE
Park Avenue = GONE

What is left? The newer Buick trucks Rendezvous and Rainier (Rendezvous isn't technically a truck, but they refer to it as such, in SUV terms)

LaCrosse is a stop-gap holdover of the W-Body platform with the intro of the new 3.6L VVT "high feature V6" but it will not stay around for long, IMO.

The current LeSabre and Park Avenue are 2 of the most comfortable road cars I have ever driven or ridden in. The venerable 3800 series II and L67 in the Park Ultra do a fine job of moving these large cars with a minimal amount of maintenance. Styling is subjective. I think the LeSabre and Park are two great looking large cars. Sporty? no. Comfortable and conservative? absolutely.

Buick has been due for a change for quite a while, but other than being long-in-the-tooth, I can't see any fault in the current lineup for most Buick buyers. [I say most, because I own the sportscar version, and I'm close to 1/2 the age of the median Buick buyer. I'm looking forward to the new stuff too!]
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