Back in May Buick melted the hearts of enthusiasts when GMI broke news from the annual dealer meetings: for 2018, Buick would offer the redesigned Regal in wagon form.

Autoblog is now reporting on good authority that Buick is test showing an unnamed vehicle against the Acura TSX wagon and something from Volvo to customers and focus groups. The Regal wasn't specifically mentioned, but what other GM product is comparable in size other than the Opel Insignia and its two wagon variants; the Sports Tourer and the Country Tourer?

A Buick spokesperson told the publication, "By the end of 2017, we'll be revealing three more new models for a total of seven new Buicks in just 24 months." We've already seen Cascada, LaCrosse, Envision and the updated Encore; while Regal, Enclave and Verano are still soldiering on.

We know Verano will die shortly, and many are already eagerly awaiting the Enclave and Regal redesigns, leaving just one model officially unofficial.

Last week, I was told by Buick the reason for the Verano's demise is because of the importance of crossovers, with the brand expecting some 70 percent of its sales to come from its revamped crossover lineup.

This is where the Regal Wagon proposition becomes interesting.


Buick could quite easily bring over the Opel Insignia Country Tourer as an all-roadesque Buick Regal, complete with a slightly raised ride height and plastic clad bumpers and fenders.

Arguably, Subaru started the trend with its first-gen Forester, with Audi following shortly. Now the niche has expanded into a full blown segment, with VW, Volvo and now Mercedes all offering high-riding AWD wagons.

In fact, it's likely this was Buick's plan all along, in December of 2015 AutoGuide discovered GM trademark applications for 'Tourx' and 'Regal Tourx' for "Motor land vehicles, namely automobiles." Should the rumors prove true, it would give Buick a hot product, in a trendy segment, while creating a degree of separation from its U.S based siblings.

Look for the Regal Tourx to debut alongside the regular Regal sometime during 2017.