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I've watched the web cast of the release of the RELAY and the Terraza, and I can at least say that I am pleasantly surprised by the interior of the Terraza. It's actually quite elegant looking! Admittedly, my expectations were horribly low to begin with, so near crap would have impressed me!

Below is a link to an article in Business Week Online that touches on some of the struggles that the Big Three face. I do think it's a bit unfair to ask someone who owned a 1970 GM product why they wouldn't but one today; it's unfair to use 1970 poor quality experience to comment on 2004 product. However, some of the points in the article, and the link to another article contained within, are more salient.

Despite some negativism, I think GM, and to a lesser extent Ford and Chysler, are on on the right track. I guess I am a bit impatient, though. I want consistently awesome Pontiacs, Buicks, Saturns, et cetera now!

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