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Originally posted by desmo9@Dec 4 2003, 01:04 PM
The upper-left small picture must be the Saturn interior?

This might be a home-run had they been playing in little-league, or Tee-ball... but you really think that cloning a Buick and a Saturn -- with all the side metal and glass from a Chevy -- is a good idea? I think you guys are so fucued on the nicely-done interior, you're overlooking the fact that, externally, the thing is a joke. Barely different from the other GM vans, and about identical to the Saturn.

If Buick is to be the "American Lexus" as Lutz puts it, why are they even offering a minivan? Premium brands don't do vans. With the badge-engineeried Rainier in place, the Rendezvous is already occupying as close to a van as Buick needs to go.

With the interior...base hit. Otherwise this is very foul.
Well if it isn't Mr. Cynical again. ;)

I would definitely say.. as of right now... the interior is at least a stand-up triple. I'm waiting for the "touch and feel" of the dash. But I must say... that interior is quite impressive.

As for the exterior... maybe a bloop single.... easily fielded.
But seriously... what can you do with a van??? I think, the last great looking van from the outside was TranSport. I loved that minivan!!! Then it evolved into the Montana... and it went downhill after that.

I wouldn't be caught dead in a minivan, to tell you the truth, but a lot of the US uses 'em, so why not a Buick?
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