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I see Saturn being for cars what GMC is for trucks, more of a testing agency for newer technology. This doesn't mean, although, that they have to be such boring cars! I wish they'd put some excitement into Saturn. Give it a reputation of having cheap, high-performing cars for example!

Buick need some lovin from GM. Just refreshen the lineup!! The only reason that people over 60 buy these cars is that they have nostalgic memories of them. My only problem is that it seems that there is no place for Buick with the resurgence of Caddilac. Do they go upscale? Caddilac has that pretty much covered. So they go downscale? Well then you start running into both Chevy and Pontiac. I think that's where Oldsmobile died. GM couldn"t find a market for it that they weren"t already in so they just let it go. Time will tell I guess.
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