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Buick is dead. Other than the Allure/LaCrosse they have nothing new. The Rainier is nice but why not just buy an Envoy? The Velite is very cool, but I'm sure that'll be butchered by the time it ever makes it to production--if it ever does. And then there is that horrible 'what-was-it-called-again' mini-van (CSV...WTF?!) that more aptly should have been named 'Titanic'.

Although their cars are nice and have a solid reputation they have little to attract people from more profitable brands. Furthermore, even though the entire line is being refreshed now, it is inevitable that GM will leave them treading water with these new models for another 8-10 years. At their current rate of renewal expect the next Allure/LaCrosse in 2013; the 2006 Park Avenue replacement will likely be left to battle on until the end of the next decade. Yeah, they'll be real competitive then!

I think it is only inevitable that this brand is dead. Following the same, green mile that Oldsmobile began down a decade ago, sadly, Buick is destined for the graveyard.
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