The only Buick that screams CANADIA won't be coming to north of the border after all...

When the all-new Buick Regal arrives in stores later this fall, Canadians interested in Buick's new mid-sizer won't get to choose between the sportback and the wagon because GM Canada isn't planning to import the Tour X .

George Saratlic, product comms boss for GM Canada, told me the reason the Tour X isn't coming to the Great White is because the sales simply aren't expected to be there--which is a weird answer considering wagons actually sell better in Canada than they do on Uncle Sam's land.

On a straight numbers basis, George is probably right, the volume won't be there--Buick Canada's volume is approximately 10-percent of Buick USA's-- but on a per capita basis Canadians actually buy disproportionately more wagons than Americans; roughly 3.5-percent of car sales in Canada come from wagons, while in America the number is closer to 1-percent.

More in depth numbers are hard to come by, but anecdotally, the most commonly spotted Audi in my downtown Toronto neighborhood is the A4 Allroad, not the jellybean Q3 like one might assume.

Truthfully though, I can see why GM Canada would make the decision, the Regal hasn't cracked 1,000 sales in Canada in the last five years, and if we apply the 3.5-percent figure to the Regal's 841 Canadian sales last year, we get a stout total of 30 cars.

It's possible GM Canada may reevaluate their decision in the future, but for now, sorry Canada...