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Get rid of the dark chestnut and its just like umpteen-gagillion other beige interiors. I like the contrast. Anything to avoid the standard GM all-beige and all-gray interiors.

Ming....What color do you want GM to offer in its interiors?

Even when there were reds and blues offererd as interior colors, the beige and grey were the most popular ones, what do you want? That "Heinz 57" color that Nissan seems to be pimping out on its cars? They sell that interior color to 1 out of 10 customers, and I think, that if you asked the people who bought the car, they probably would not rank "interior color" as one of the reasons they bought the car.

The Joseph Abboud Regal really is no different from the regular high end Regal, except for the color scheme.
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