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buick envision

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I meant to post this a while ago, but forgot. I was on I-75 just south of Saginaw and ran into this. It was completely uncamoflaged, except for the badges. This one looked fully loaded with dual exhaust. It looked just like the Buick Envision that was unveiled in China a couple moths ago. It looked a tad bit shorter than an Equinox, but still a good size.


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It'll be a great addition to Buick
I agree, I'm looking forward to this getting here and have been ever since it was announced. Also, nice find tharris7919. It would be nice to know what this Buick Envision was tailgating, another one or what?
Sorry i couldnt get more photos, i was driving. In front of this one, there was a white one that looked like a base model. That model had black cladding along the bottom and single exhaust.
I don't know what it may have been tailgating but it is following an Enclave 2 lanes to the left!
I hope this does well for Buick, but I just don't care for its design. It's OK, but I feel it should have been more interesting. I think it will appear dated fairly quickly.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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