Buick Canada just announced its presence on China's popular WeChat social media platform.

Over 800 million Chinese language speakers are active on the platform, Buick says over 70 million users are located outside of the People's Republic.

"Buick has a rich brand history in China, as one of the most premium luxury brands that sells over a million cars every year," said, Mike Speranzini, brand director of, Buick in Canada. "Canada brings together people of all kinds of backgrounds who rely on a diverse set of tools to stay connected in their everyday lives. With so many Chinese Canadians active on WeChat, this social media platform was a natural choice for us to continue the Buick brand affiliation here in Canada."

The move is brilliant as it capitalizes on an existing Chinese-Canadian population, but also acts as a bridge for new immigrants, offering a seamless transition between Buick in China and Buick in Canada, in a language they are comfortable with, on a platform they're familiar with.

Buick Canada will use the platform to include themselves in Chinese New Year Celebrations on January 28. Moving forward, Buick's WeChat profile will serve as a news hub, along with promoting events, retail offers, and product launches.

Eventually the company plans to offer more tangible functions like booking a test drive, connecting with dealerships, other owners and member exclusive privileges.