Once the privilege of race car drivers alone, Buick is giving its owners the chance to pour over driving data and improve their performance.

That's because not only will its Smart Driver program now be available online, Buick has now included it on its myBuick app, too.

That means that Buick owners can now monitor their braking events, hard acceleration events, high-speed driving percentage, late-night driving percentage, miles, and their average economy and speed from their smartphone.

The program solves the problem of having to turn on a computer, open a browser, and visit a webpage like some sort of last century slob.

Not only will it provide you with all of your driving data, but it will also analyze it for you, giving you a Smart Driver score and tips on how to become an even smarter driver.

"Bringing Buick Smart Driver services into the myBuick app can help our customers become more aware of their driving behaviors and improve as necessary," Steve Samolinski, senior manager of Buick Connected Services, said.

Best of all the app is backwards compatible, so owners of 2015 and later model Buicks can all use the app.