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First post from a newbie here. I have a 2000 Silverado and my wife has a 2001 Tahoe. BOTH vehicles have the same problem that started within a week or two of each other. The BRAKE and ABS warning lights are on about once a week, maybe twice. They are on for about 10 - 15 minutes and then for no reason, will remain off for a few days. I have checked fluid levels. My wife's brakes feel spongier than mine, but always have for the last 4 years. Can dirty sensors cause BOTH the brake and ABS warning? She is afraid to drive when hers comes on. Maybe I should be too.

Any help is appreciated. I have 90k and she has 125k on the clock. Brakes were last serviced in the Fall. No warning lights until late April/first part of May.

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Yeah, it could be that the sensors are messed up or dirty.
My dad's '93 Saturn SW2 had the same problem, ABS light would come on, then go off in the rain. He figured that the water was rinsing off the sensor. When it dried up, the light would come on again.
The light eventually went out by itself and never came back on...
Get it checked out by your dealer, they'll be able to fix it. Hopefully it won't be too bad, ABS can be a ***** to fix.

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To jump in here....
My '03 Savanna van has a similar problem.
Start it up and the ABS light is on.
Start it up again and no ABS light.
Somewhat random now.
Don't usually drive longer than 15 minutes so I'm not sure if the ABS light will go out by itself.

Checked my Scan Gauge and it shows no codes.

What "sensors" are being referred to in the previous postings?

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Clean and tighten the EBCM (electronic brake control module) ground, if it still happens it probably will need the module replaced. Not cheap on those vehicles. Fortunately regrounding it usually fixes the problem.

Remove the EBCM Ground. The EBCM Ground is located on the frame beneath the driver's side door. If multiple grounds are found in this location, the EBCM ground can be identified as the heavy (12-gauge) wire.

Clean the area, front and back, using a Whiz Wheel®.

Install the ground, then the washer and then the bolt to the frame.

Install a washer and nut to the back side of the frame.


Tighten the nut to 9 N·m (79 lb in).

Cover the front and back side of the repair area using Rubberized Undercoating.

An additional check can be made to ensure a good connection for the Battery Cable to Frame ground. It is possible for this ground to cause similar symptoms with the ABS as described above.
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