Cadillac's subscription service will return, after roughly a year on hiatus. The revamped service will provide more convenience, flexibility, and value, according to Deborah Wahl, GM's Chief Marketing Officer.

Book by Cadillac was among the first subscription models tested in the automotive sphere. It charged subscribers an $1,800 monthly fee, which covered insurance and maintenance costs, and also offered them the opportunity to swap vehicles.

Late in 2018, though, the program was put on hiatus after just a year. At the time, high prices and the newness of the subscription model were blamed for the program's lack of success.

Still, Cadillac is convinced the program can have legs, according to Wahl. Roughly 70% of users were conquest customers for the brand, according to the CMO.

"We do still see a lot of interest from consumers in finding different ownership models, but the right price, value," Wahl told Automotive News earlier this year.

Indeed, convenience, flexibility, and value for potential subscribers were all listed as improvements for Book's second coming.

Wahl says the company is trying to stay ahead of customer demands with programs like these to lead the industry rather than follow it. Subscription services have had difficulty winning over customers, though.

Most automakers have been quiet about their subscription services. Volvo, which has been pushing the service hard and is seen as one of the more successful brands when it comes to subscription models, recently admitted that its subscription service accounted for single-digit percentages of its overall sales.

Unfortunately, Wahl didn't go into the specifics of how Cadillac plans to turn the tide but did say that the revamped program will be better integrated into the Cadillac dealer network.

A pilot program will start in February at Dublin Cadillac in California.