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Persoanlly, I think Lutz is the best thing to happen to GM in a very long time. Look at all the great things going on right now: The new malibu is an excellent car and the reviewers all agree. Cadillac is in the midst of a massive and much needed revitalization. Pontiac has the new G6 coming as well as the GTO. Chevrolet will be replacing the dismal Cavalier with the new Cobalt. And there are several new projects that will result in great cars. And just wait til the C6 comes out! How can you dislike a man that has single handedly worked to change the way GM thinks, operates and produces? If not for Bob Lutz, GM's future would be in serious question right about now.
Take Bob Lutz out of the picture and you be begging for GM to bring him back!
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