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And I would say one more thing.

We've been reading a lot about the deindustrialization of America, and about manufacturing jobs going offshore. And, while I don't want to wave the American flag and say it's your patriotic duty, etc., etc. But, I think all other things being equal, the American purchaser should ask himself or herself when they buy a vehicle, "What am I doing for the American economy here with my purchase?" That's all I'm saying. And Toyota will say, "Yeah, but the Camry is made in the United States." Well, yes it is and no it isn't. And most of their vehicle lineup is not. And even the Camry contains a very high percentage of Japanese engineering, Japanese parts, Japanese supplier components, and so forth.

So, I think at some point we're going to have to decide whether we want an automobile industry or we don't. And I would never expect the consumer to buy an inferior vehicle just because it's American. But these vehicles are no longer inferior. I think we've taken the last of the excuses away.
Well, said, Mr. Lutz!
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