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Bob Lutz Claims Chevy Volt Will Get You Laid

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I stayed up late to see it, but for those who didn't!

It seems to be the latter part of the interview, but still enjoyable. It includes him saying that with a Volt, 80% of people in the US will essentially get the equivalent of 70-80 cents per gallon of gas (3-8 cents per kWh). There's also a funny part about how it will, er, "adequately" jump off the line.... But he says that if you have a car like this, your attitude is not that you want to "lay rubber". :) Then they talk about whether it will get you laid. Hahaha.

I don't think I've ever seem Bob make so many faces, but he did well considering the abuse people usually take on the show!
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Bob Lutz is General Motors, and so can you!

I'm usually not a big fan of Lutz, but his sense of humor is still intact:

"...We learned that, yes, it will even get you laid. At least, that's what Colbert asked about, and Lutz was not afraid to say that those who might be party to such whimsy will likely eat granola and have hairy legs. But you'll get some..."

The link is dead, probably thanks to some lawyer at Comedy Central...
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