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Originally posted by SUPERBADD75@Jun 24 2004, 07:57 AM
Anyone know whether the Saab 9-2X is being sold in Germany (and Sweden for that matter)? I thought the 9-2X would've been first to market in this segment and if it was going to be sold in Europe should be great competition for the Bimmer. Hope it hits Europe, NA and Asia before BMW!

9-2X is only sold in North America. there are no plans to sell it in Europe. the big difference between the 9-2 and the 1 Series is that the 9-2 is a 5-door only. the American 1 Series is slated to be coupe and convertible only at first, with a possible sedan in the future. they will play to different audiences.
Then why is it a Hatch in Europe?
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