Life is hard. Rebuilding engines is harder. So watch Hagerty's crack team of time-lapse rebuilders take a Pontiac 389 from very dilapidated to very clean in just 10 minutes.

The video is part of Hagerty's excellent Redline Rebuild series and may have been its most challenging. While most of the engines they take on have seen better days (hence: "rebuild"), but this one had a crack in the cylinder wall the size of a tennis ball, according to the video description so it was no easy feat getting back in running order.

The result, as you'd expect, is a lovely-sounding classic V8 that unfortunately doesn't appear to have an engine bay to nest in yet. The running shots are just on an engine test rig.

Still, though, just seeing it come together is catharsis enough for your is-it-only-Thursday?-Crap-I-thought-it-was-Friday slump.