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Blargh, another questionable review from Autonet [HHR SS].

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Lower power output than the SRT-4? No automatic available? Do they even review the cars or are they just pretending?

You be the judges.
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Having lots of torque is great, gets it going initially, but you need to sustain a large amount of torque over time to actually get somewhere in short order, thus horsepower. The calculation of horsepower is derived from torque, or in basic sense torque over time. What's most importain in most vehicles is having good torque available across the operational rpm range.. The end result is that a vehicle that gets moving quickly and covers a good distance in short order. Specific vehicle applications may vary.
I totally agree. The person who wrote "torque is all that matters" is off the mark on here. Torque matters, but a 'peak torque' rating is simply the most torque the engine makes in an instant. Horsepower is a measure or torque over the entire RPM range, and peak horspower is the measure of Torque where it is used best (torque times RPM's). Anyone who says "torque is all that matters" when simply refering to a peak torque figure is missing most of the picture.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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