Cadillac has officially confirmed that the hotter versions of the CT4-V and CT5-V will be called Blackwing. That's despite (reportedly) not being powered by the Blackwing V8.

That's because, according to Cadillac, the name is more about excellence than it is about a particular object.

"The Blackwing name has come to represent the very best of Cadillac performance engineering, craftsmanship, and technology," Brandon Vivian, Cadillac executive chief engineer, said in a statement. "The new CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing build on the brand's respected legacy of ultimate-performance driving experiences and elevate them even further."

Cadillac announced last year that the CT4-V and CT5-V would be a half step, performance-wise. That is, they would be a little hotter than the standard CT4 and CT5 but only mildly so, to suit regular buyers who still want comfort.

The CT4 and CT5-V Blackwings, meanwhile, will be the ultimate performance variants. According to Cadillac, they will feature special chassis tuning and vehicle control tech, as well as their own highly tuned engines. Current rumors suggest that the CT5-V Blacking will be powered by a 6.2-liter V8, while the CT4-V Blackwing is rumored to get a turbocharged V6.

Most excitingly of all, perhaps, Cadillac has confirmed that both Blackwings will be offered with a manual transmission.

Although Cadillac is still being coy about performance specifics, it has confirmed that the cars set seconds-faster laps around Virginia International Raceway than their predecessors-the ATS-V and CTS-V.

Although these may not be the times that Cadillac is referring to, the ATS-V was clocked going around the track in 2:59.2 by Car and Driver, while the same publication sent the CTS-V around VIR in just 2:56.8.